Our mission is to provide superior strategic planning services, surveying and engineering to our clients in the most cost effective manner possible. HCG is equipped with a highly skilled staff of engineers, architects and consultants to ensure client satisfaction. HCG conducts extensive evaluations to assess the condition of all roof related components in all types of systems to determine their serviceability and remaining service life. HCG completes hundreds of projects annually, ranging in size from 1,000 square feet to over 1,500,000 square feet. HCG provides a vast variety of surveying services including visual inspections, detailed evaluation, preventive maintenance, five to twenty-year budget analysis, non-destructive infrared and nuclear thermography moisture survey studies. HCG provides comprehensive design packages utilizing the most cost effective roof systems for our clients. Our company provides roof evaluation services; inspections, project management services as well as quality control to ensure roof systems are installed in accordance with our design specifications. We assist the client in finding the most qualified and reputable contractors to bid on their projects. In addition, we conduct pre-bid conferences, pre-construction meetings, interim inspections and perform a final inspection of the completed project. HCG works with the manufacturers and clients to ensure the warranties are issued and repairs under the warranties are completed in accordance to the terms and agreements set forth therein. HCG also assists clients with preventive maintenance to extend the service life of the existing roof system. Our objective is to analyze your property/roofing needs, determine the most cost effective roofing application, and write a complete specification for repairs or a complete replacement. Our unbiased opinion will ensure the absolute best application within our client’s budget limits.